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Mme. de Genlis states that one evening while the States-General were sitting, the Duc d鈥橭rl茅ans, who was in her salon, declared that they would be of no use and do nothing; not even suppress the lettres de cachet. Mme. de Genlis and the Duc de Lauzun were of a different opinion, and they bet each other fifty louis on the subject. The bet was put into writing and Mme. de Genlis showed it to more than fifty people of her acquaintance, all of whom declared a Revolution to be impossible. The Abb茅 Cesutti, one of the free-thinking school, was editor of a paper called La feuille villageoise, intended for the people. He asked Mme. de Genlis to write for it, and she sent some papers called 鈥淭he Letters of Marie-Anne,鈥 in which she introduced doctrines and principles of religion. Soon after the Abb茅 came and asked her in future only to speak of morality and never to mention religion. Knowing what that meant she declined to write any more for that paper.

Return to France鈥擳he inheritance of the Duchesse d鈥橝yen鈥擫oss of the Noailles property鈥擨nherits the Castle of Fontenay鈥擠eath of Mme. de la Fayette鈥擯rosperous life at Fontenay鈥擟onclusion..
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Mme. Le Brun now worked so hard that she made herself ill, often having three sittings a day, and she soon became so thin and out of health that her friends interfered, and by order of the doctor she henceforth, after working all the morning and dining in the middle of the day, took a siesta, which she found invaluable all her life. The evenings were always devoted to society.?
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It was with difficulty that she tore herself away when, in March, 1801, she wished to return to St. Petersburg, and it was upon her journey thither that she heard of the assassination of Paul I.!
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The King associated all his grandchildren with Mme. Du Barry just as he had his daughters with the Duchesse de Chateauroux and her sisters de Nesle, [188] and affairs went on at court much in the usual way until, in 1774, he caught the small-pox in one of his intrigues and died, leaving a troubled and dangerous inheritance to the weak, helpless, vacillating lad, who had neither brains to direct, energy to act, or strength to rule..
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In 1805 she again married, and this time her husband was in every respect the incarnation of all that she had hitherto opposed and objected to..

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The Regent Orl茅ans was not, like the Princes of [8] Cond茅, Conti, Charolois, and others of the blood royal, cruel, haughty, or vindictive; on the contrary, he was good-natured, easy, and indulgent; but he was dissipated, extravagant, and licentious to such a degree that he himself, the court, and his family were the scandal of Europe. The same frenzied pursuit of enjoyment, the same lavish, sensual, reckless, luxurious life, characterised the whole of the reign of Louis XV.
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